How To Add SBCGlobal Webmail On Your iPhone?

The iPhone users are increasing each day. In the US, then number of iPhone users are more than ever. So, people wonder is there any way they can setup AT&T email on their iPhones. All you need to do is to provide your email address and password.


Setup AT&T email on iPhone

  1. Tap on the Setting icon to get to the iPhone settings.
  2. Tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and then tap on Add Account… in order to add the AT&T email.
  3. Select the ‘YAHOO!’ option and then type in your Name, Yahoo email address and Password. Please remember that you have enter your full Yahoo email address.
  4. In the Description section, you have to delete Yahoo! and add ‘AT&T webmail’
  5. Tap on Next. And then tap on Save button from the dialog box. Go back to the home screen of your Apple device.
  6. The mail icon will not be displayed as it is, so you will have to swipe the home screen left or right to find the mail icon. Once you find the mail icon, tap on it. You will find all the AT&T emails there.

There are many advantage of accessing AT&T mails on the iPhone, but if there is any problem in setting up the mail, then it is better to take the assistance from the professionals.

If you are having any issues during SBCGlobal net email login, then there are certain changes in the settings, which were not meant to be made, but are made eventually. So, get back your original iPhone settings and follow the process again.

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